Are you building a new home in one of the HOT Naples Communities? Remember these new home decorating tips to avoid some common but expensive mistakes.

  • Lay all your surface selections out together, rooms should flow and compliment each other. When you lay out your cabinets, flooring and backsplashes you will see the entire house decor and how it flows together. It doesn’t have to be “matchy matchy”. You want your home to be unique to you and show your personality. But you don’t want your beautiful grey quartz counters to clash with the honey colored cabinets you fell in love with.
  • Trends change and so do your tastes. Simple backgrounds also allow for more flexibility over time. Keep your interior home backgrounds simple & neutral. Flooring, interior wall color, cabinet finishes, and countertops are all considered large scaled items in a home. By keeping these simple & neutral you can add color and pattern with other elements such as fabrics & artwork or an accent wall.
  • Think “classic” not “trendy” when selecting your construction materials. You want to love it in 5 years as much as you do when it’s first installed. Remember that your home has to be functional as well as beautiful. How will that uber contemporary wire counter-base that you love, hold up to your 12 year old daughter or grand-daughter’s homemade brownies with extra powdered sugar on top?
  • Be sure the scale of your furnishings fits the scale of the home or room. Selecting items that are too big or too small for a space will become exaggerated within that space. Balance and proportion are very important elements that can enhance or take away the feel you are trying to achieve in the space.
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